Where Self Expression Inspires Dance

          EST. 1972

Celebrating 47 years

1301 St. Mary Street, Scott, LA

Scott Academy of Dance's First Studio

Our First Program

She Beleived She Could So She Did...And The Rest Is History

A Little Bit About 1972

How Much Did That Cost???

Average Cost of new house $27,550.00 
Average Income per year $11,800.00 
Average Monthly Rent $165.00 
Cost of a gallon of Gas 55 cents 

Candy Bar 25 cents

World Events

Watergate Scandal

The First Handheld Calculator went on sale for $395!

HBO TV broadcasts for the first time.

Nike Shoes hit the market

First commercial video game Pong is released

Email is Invented

GoodYear Blimp flew for the first time

Dawn dish soap was released

Carnival Cruise Lines sail for the first time


Top movie was The God Father

Top Song was American Pie

Movie Ticket cost $1.25

The Dallas Cowboys are SuperBowl Champs

Hacky Sack was the Fidget Spinner 

Top TV show was All in the Family